Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

The Annual Contemporary Jewellery Fair held in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire in November each year.

2013 exhibitors

Jonquil Tonge

Jonquil's hallmarked silver jewellery is influenced by spirals and curves, incorporating silver beads and semi-precious beads.

Sylvia Tomkinson

Sylvia designs and hand crafts her own unique collection of jewellery. Silver, gold and semi-precious stones are used to highlight the beauty and contrasting colours of the hallmarked items.

Gill Mallett designs and makes unique pieces of jewellery using precious metals and high quality gemstones.  They are not of the latest ‘fashion’ – here today and gone tomorrow – but individual pieces of art, contemporary classics which have the potential to achieve the status of heirlooms.

Dawn Gear

Dawn’s jewellery is created at her home in The New Forest, Hampshire.  Every piece is individual and unique, primarily silver but incorporating gold and semi-precious stones. Her garden is the inspiration for her butterfly and flower pendants, together with a range of jewel-like silver and resin earrings which are both eye catching and contemporary.

Lynette Vickery

Lynette is a largely self taught jewellery designer/maker.  She makes mostly delicate, wearable jewellery from fine and sterling silver and enjoys using pearls and gemstones in her pieces.

Sam Photic

Sam is a modernist artist and has a passion for experimentation in form, colour and texture.  Many materials can be infused in the jewellery, from the traditional precious metals to those associated with industry and nature.

Julie Harrington

terling silver jewellery based on archaeological artefacts but

given a contemporary twist.

David Corbin

Each piece of my jewellery is unique . Working primarily in silver with gold detail and using precious and semi precious stones, I work to commission and sell from my studio. I offer a range of evening , day or weekend courses for beginners  and those who want to develop existing skills.

Susan Jane Dunford

Susan creates sculptural boxes and jewellery inspired by architecture. Her imagery is taken from the rich textures and diverse forms of old buildings; flaking paint, weathered masonry, moss and lichens, extensions and alterations.  She works in silver and gold to create tactile artefacts that capture a sense of playful imagination.

Jean Bradley

Jean uses glass creatively in a variety of styles to make beads and fused glass jewellery.  She is influenced by colour in her garden and the natural world.  

Wendy Nutt

Wendy has drawn inspiration for her current range from Victorian pattern design, using fretwork, photo etching and enamel to show case the designs, creating vintage style pieces with a modern twist.

Wendy’s pieces are all made from Sterling silver in her beautiful garden workshop in Dorset.

Jane Russell

Jane Russell uses colour and texture in semi-precious stone beads, freshwater pearls and silver to create beautiful bold and unique wearable pieces of timeless jewellery.

Jane Faulkner

My work is inspired by the natural forms around me. I work in silver and gold and often combine the two to accent details in the pieces.

Sheila Joughin

Sheila is interested in form and movement as observed in nature, architecture and sculpture and influenced by early 20th century art movements. This is reflected in the geometric  lines of her jewellery. She works in silver and titanium and bringing in colour  through stones, glass, beads, resin and acrylic.  


Twinkling Hearts

High quality jewellery and accessories, handcrafted in Hampshire using Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls.  Member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen.  Bespoke commissions accepted. Ideal for parties, presents, weddings, proms or just because you deserve a treat.  Twinkling Hearts Jewellery - putting a sparkle in your day!

 Sharon Justice

Sharon is a Studio Jeweller currently working in predominantly silver, with the inclusion of some semi precious  beads and stones, producing designs incorporating forging, woven wire and applied texture techniques some of which are highlighted with oxidization or gold, using the technique Keum Bo.

Katherine Webber

Katherine is a jewellery designer/maker based in Southsea, Hampshire.  Semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold vermeil beads feature in the majority of her designs.  Whilst creating a variety of designs from the subtle and delicate to the bold and dramatic, the style of her work and her attention to detail is always distinctive.

Telephone: 07952 595171

Clare Schooling

Jewellery Designer and Gemmologist.

Limited edition fine jewellery collections, crafted from precious metals incorporating precious and semi precious gemstones and pearls.

Private bespoke commissions, consulting on a one to one basis, new design and regeneration of your Jewellery to compliment your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Karen Saunders

Karen makes unique contemporary jewellery using precious and semi-precious stones, many one off pieces which can be designed to each individual persons style.

Annaliese Foster

Clean lines and angles of architecture standing strongly against delicate looking plants, the organic forms drew out traditional textile techniques such as knitting and natural dying, replicating the unpredictable element of nature.  

Pendants, earrings and brooches from cast brass and sterling silver brought together with naturally dyed thread, knitted and formed by hand.

Antoinette Luckhurst

Contemporary jewellery inspired by nature and colour around me . The textured silver surfaces are highlighted with bronze, pearls, rough cut polished gemstones.

Kate O'Connell

I'm a three-dimensional designer, working with glass, metal and ceramics to produce both functional and sculptural designs. My inspiration comes from things that have gone before - historical objects of function whose essence can be used as a basis for contemporary craft. My aim is to use the materials, shapes and textures in a new way, retaining the mood and spirit of the original sources in challenging and exciting new designs.

Fiona Kirby

Unique Handmade Silver and Beaded Jewellery.

 Textured silver & crocheted bead work.

Angela Oakley

I design, cut and kiln-fire art glass. The materials are combined into an original and often exciting arrangement for each piece. I bring my art background from the last 12 years to the process, especially an appreciation of colour, texture and composition.