Exhibitors 2017.

Jonquil Tonge

Jonquil's hallmarked silver jewellery is influenced by spirals and curves, incorporating silver beads and semi-precious beads.


Sylvia Tomkinson

Sylvia designs and hand crafts her own unique collection of jewellery. Silver, gold and semi-precious stones are used to highlight the beauty and contrasting colours of the hallmarked items.


Philippa Strachan

Having been addicted to needlework for years, 10 years ago I was introduced to beadwork. There is seldom a day when I don’t have a heap of beads in my lap try while transferring them into bespoke glass and/or crystal jewellery with needle and thread.

Twinkling Hearts

Handcrafted in Hampshire by a member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen, Thea's jewellery features ever popular festive ranges and unique wirework pieces perfect for gifts, or just because you deserve a treat!


Lynette Vickery

I make sterling silver jewellery which I sand cast.  I like to cast ‘natural’ items such as shells, acorns and ammonites sometimes adding gemstones.


Janet Woods-Lennon

Beautiful, tactile chain and chain maille jewellery created in Sussex by Janet.  She uses hand crafted silver rings and semi-precious stones to turn ancient weaves into contemporary bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Abigail Stradling

Award winning jewellery designs in precious metal and glass. The distinctive Time Series encapsulates natural materials such as wood and sand in hand blown glass, evoking a sense of place, time and memory. The Symbiosis collection explores the relationship between silver and colourful lampworked glass.



Jane Russell

Jane Russell uses colour and texture in the materials used to create beautiful bold and unique wearable pieces of timeless jewellery.


Jane Faulkner

Around thirty years ago I took a course in jewellery making and haven’t looked back since. After taking several more courses I was able to give up my graphic designer career to concentrate on jewellery. I work in silver and gold to create mostly orgnic foms.


Cathy McCarthy

Cathy McCarthy is a Hampshire based, contemporary jeweller who creates original, handmade jewellery designs inspired by nature and everyday observations.  Using Sterling silver & 18k yellow gold, Cathy creates small frames which are filled with individual component parts telling a story through beautiful pieces of wearable jewellery.


Helena Symes

My work references nature using repeated forms to capture movement. I also draw inspiration from tribal and indigenous use of materials. I enjoy the contrasts created by working with the richness of silver and gold combined with other elements. I strive to create beautiful, wearable pieces of jewellery.


Jill Clark

My designs are influenced by the simple shapes and styles of jewellery from Ancient Egypt and Prehistoric Britain. I enjoy combining minimal shapes with contrasting textures and have recently started to introduce semi-precious beads and wire into my work.


Faye Benjamin Jewellery (Jo Richards)

Jo designs and makes her jewellery in Winchester. Drawing skills from her BA Honours degree in Design, a background in Engineering, and qualifications in Silversmithing, Jo creates her pieces in Fine and Sterling Silver. Taking inspiration from forms and textures around her, Jo designs elegant jewellery with beautiful organic detailing.


Odette Selva

Odette presents new statement pieces to her existing line of work. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with attention to details.

The indulging designs produced from gold, silver and precious stones connect intimately with the wearer.


Mandy Atkinson

Fascinated by colour and light, Mandy makes wearable art jewellery; mixed precious metals combined with stunning quality gemstone beads; knitted sterling-silver-wire cuffs, necklaces and earrings. The majority of work is one-of-a-kind silver and/or gold-filled and gemstone creations.

Commissions welcome.


Sylvaine Frouin

Sylvaine creates jewellery that tells stories, her designs are inspired by innocence of childhood, beauty of nature and the magic of dreams. She associates organic shapes to geometric lines, faces appear a lot in her work. Her jewels are made of silver combined with other materials such as resin, wood and gold.


Donna Collinson

Taking my inspiration from the flotsam and jetsam of the British beach, I produce several instantly recognizable collections of jewellery. The work utilizes the ancient lost wax casting technique and is available in silver, bronze, and gold.


Ruta Brown

Ruta Brown has specialized in the technique of reticulation. Directional heat is applied to forged, folded forms, each piece individually fabricated, in exploration of the structural limits of the metal, mainly sterling silver with 18 carat gold as added decoration. The results are a variety of intricate forms, often also incorporating stones and pearls, details evoking weathered fragments of flotsam, or other marine elements from the shoreline.         www.facebook.com/RutaBrownJewellery

Karen Saunders

I hand make contemporary pieces of jewellery from Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum, set with precious and semi-precious stones. I enjoy designing and making new one off pieces and re-cycling customers old jewellery into modern wearable designs.  


Lizzie Kershaw

Elegant handmade silver jewellery that is inspired by natural forms.The work is all created using traditional silversmithing techniques.It is contemporary yet classic and aims to echo the beauty of flowers and leaves. The collections include the Calla Lily, fuchsia, Orchid, Daffodil and sycamore.


Sharon Justice

Sharon's work incorparates varied techniques including roller printing, wire mesh and Kuam Bo, while also including a small amount of semi precious stones.  Her work is influenced by texture and surface patterns both natural and manmade.


Fiona Alexander

A quirky, colourful mix of silver, copper and beaded jewellery, designed to complement your own individual style.

www.facebook.com/fiona alexander

Kate O'Connell

Kate creates Steampunk-inspired Victorian printed glass pendants to suit both men and women.


Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

The Annual Contemporary Jewellery Fair held in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire in November each year.