Exhibitors 2019

Sylvia Tomkinson

 A feature of Sylvia’s work is the use of contrasts - varying textures and colours obtained by mechanical and chemical techniques and the combined use of silver, gold and gemstones.  Each technique results in a distinctive style which collectively comprise Sylvia's jewellery


online shop :- www.sales.sylviatomkinson.co.uk

Jonquil Tonge

Jonquil's designs create an element of playful fluidity, movement and fun. The curved lines of silver jewellery have moveable beads which contrasts with the static sea glass and exotic woods. This combination creates a stunning range of jewellery.


Jo Richards

Jo designs and makes her jewellery in Winchester.  She combines drawing skills from her BA Honours degree in Design, a background in Engineering, and qualifications in Silversmithing.  She creates her pieces in Fine and Sterling Silver, taking inspiration from forms and textures around her.  Jo designs elegant jewellery with beautiful organic detailing.


Lizzie Kershaw

Beautiful handmade silver jewellery which is inspired by botanical forms and Art Nouveau. Elegant wearable pieces created using traditional silversmithing techniques. Sculptural lily chokers through to tiny orchid studs. There is a lovely range of hammered handformed jewels.


Lucy Payne

Lucy’s work is inspired by her love of travel and places she has visited. Whether that is a trip to Morocco and the rich colours found within the souks of Marrakech, the quirky architecture within the buildings of Amsterdam or the beautiful textures found on the coasts of Cornwall.


Ruta Brown

Ruta Brown has specialized in the technique of reticulation. Directional heat is applied to forged, folded forms, each piece individually fabricated, in exploration of the structural limits of the metal, mainly sterling silver with 18 carat gold as added decoration. The results are a variety of intricate forms, often also incorporating stones and pearls, details evoking weathered fragments of flotsam, or other marine elements from the shoreline.


Sharon Justice

Sharon designs and makes very wearable contemporary silver jewellery using a variety of Techniques; incorporating gold, texture, surface patterns and semi- precious stones.  


Beautiful, tactile chain and chain mail jewellery created in Sussex by Janet.  She uses hand crafted silver rings and semi-precious stones to turn ancient weaves into contemporary bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Janet Woods-Lennon

Philippa Strachan

My passion for beadwork continues, using glass seed beads from Japan, and crystals and pearls manufactured by Swarovski.  I am able to create beautiful beaded jewellery and ornaments  It’s a pleasure rather than a chore.  

E-mail: pjstrachan@gmail.com

 The Chain Weaver range of jewellery is made using chain mail techniques and patterns.  These techniques have been used for making jewellery (and armour) since the first millennium BC.  This involves weaving many (sometimes hundreds) of individual metal rings together.  


Moira Cooper (trading as Stellar Jems)

Lynette Vickery

I design and handcraft sterling silver jewellery using different forms of casting including sand, chickpea, rock salt and lost wax casting (mostly rings).  My work mainly features natural objects such as shells, acorns and other items that I find on the beaches or woods near my home.


Kate makes fused and cast glass jewellery for men, women, and children, in a variety of styles from victorian & steampunk to sparkly bling.    


Fiona Alexander

Kate O’Connell

Fiona works in Copper, Silver, PMC Clay, and Glass.  She uses a rolling mill, as well as a variety of techniques, including fabrics to achieve texture on the metal.

 Some of her designs use Sea Glass and handmade shells to create pendant designs, which derive from a love of the sea shore. The new designs aim to explore the use of Copper and Silver combined in one design and feature glass cabochons in some part of the design.


Jane Russell

Jane Russell uses colour and texture in the materials used to create beautiful bold and unique wearable pieces of timeless jewellery.


Syd Meats

Creativity is as essential to me as breathing. I’m a Designer Maket of beautifully fashioned jewellery. Each piece is designed and handmade by me with attention to detail and loving care.  The result is a uniquely original and timeless treasure to adorn you.


Georgina Ettridge

Georgina is particularly known for her signature award winning leaf designs, styled to depict the beauty of nature.  The collections, hand fabricated in Silver and Gold, capture the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless classic feel.


Jane Faulkner

Working from her Sussex studio Jane creates original designs in precious metals.  Her work is inspired by the natural environment to produce distinctive designs following organic forms.


Gabriella Sellors

Gabriella textures silver and gold by rollprinting and hammering.  She makes individual leaves so no two are the same, as in nature.


Annamarie McHugh

Beautiful silver jewellery handmade by Annamarie.   Her designs are inspired by nature, folklore & myths and her imagination – a place of fantasy and wonder.


Chloe Menage

Chloe creates intricate beadwork designs created using tiny beads, crystals and other treasures. Browse a colourful array of beaded earrings, statement beadwork necklaces, dainty pendants and beaded bracelets. Plus discover how to create your own with Chloe’s kits, tutorials and workshops.


Barbara Ehlers

Planishing, or beating, silver allows the light reflecting from the metal to bounce off in different directions.  The result is the special ‘glint factor’ that emanates from the pieces I design and make in my Sussex workshop.        ‘Keep it simple’ is the phrase paramount in my mind.   It is important to me that my work celebrates the beauty of the metal.  


Kirsty Richardson (thesilverhut)

I love to combine silversmithing techniques, crochet skills and the ancient process of cuttlefish casting to create unique pieces.  My passion is to create beautiful items from found objects. Amongst many techniques I use, my favourites are using seaglass for my local beach to make beautiful pendants or cluster ring set. I cast the things I find using Cuttlefish casting method


Helena Symes

Helena strives to create unique and innovative pieces of jewellery. She is inspired by travel and uses elements from different cultures to influence and enrich her designs. Geometry and repeated forms feature in Helena's work and she enjoys combining silver and gold with different materials.

Facebook page @helenasymesjewellery

Carolyn Amos

Carolyn designs and makes individual pieces of silver jewellery with etched and textured surfaces, oxidized to give depth and contrast.  She produces simple elegant shapes, and with her love of vibrant colours incorporates resin to create striking colourful designs.  Other works incorporates semi-precious stones and beads.


Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

The Annual Contemporary Jewellery Fair held in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire in November each year.