Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

The Annual Contemporary Jewellery Fair held in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire in November each year.

Please note these exhibitors were for the 2015 show

Jonquil Tonge

Jonquil's hallmarked silver jewellery is influenced by spirals and curves, incorporating silver beads and semi-precious beads.

Sylvia Tomkinson

Sylvia designs and hand crafts her own unique collection of jewellery. Silver, gold and semi-precious stones are used to highlight the beauty and contrasting colours of the hallmarked items.

Gill Mallett

Gill's signature style involves wholly or partially melting precious metals to create different effects.  The results become the starting point from which her innovative jewellery designs emanate.  Examples of her "Fire & Ice" and "Snow Cast" gemset jewels feature in private collections worldwide.

David Corbin

Each piece of my jewellery is unique . Working primarily in silver with gold detail and using precious and semi precious stones, I work to commission and sell from my studio. I offer a range of evening , day or weekend courses for beginners  and those who want to develop existing skills.

Dawn Gear

Dawn’s jewellery is created at her home studio in The New Forest, where her garden is the inspiration for her butterfly and flower related pieces.  Every piece is individual and unique, primarily silver but incorporating gold, semi-precious stones and coloured resin to create wearable little pieces of art.

Twinkling Hearts

Our  locally-produced and elegant handcrafted jewellery is made by a member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen.  It makes an ideal gift for a loved one, or a perfect accessory for your Christmas party outfit!  We aim to put the sparkle in your Christmas.

Lynette Vickery

I design and handcraft sterling silver jewellery with gemstones.  I am interested in the textures you can achieve by melting silver to make my sand cast, fused and reticulated items.

Karen Saunders

Karen makes unique contemporary pieces of jewellery using precious and semi-precious stones, making many one-off pieces that can be designed to an individual style using silver, gold, palladium and platinum.

Lisa Larcombe

As a practicing Bio medical scientist I am inherently drawn to the macro and microscopic world around me. I fuse inspiration, knowledge and skills from my medical profession with concepts and techniques drawn from the art and craft world to create tactile wearable art in the form of jewellery.  

Abigail Stradling

Award winning jewellery designs in precious metal and glass. The distinctive Time Series encapsulates natural materials such as wood and sand in hand blown glass, evoking a sense of place, time and memory. The Symbiosis collection explores the relationship between silver and colourful lampworked glass.

Julie Harrington

Julie has been making sterling silver jewellery inspired by ancient artefacts for about 10 years. 

Nothing is new under the sun so she has lots of scope to twist old ideas in to new.      email:-

Mandy Atkinson

Fascinated by colour and light, Mandy makes wearable art jewellery; mixed precious metals combined with stunning quality gemstone beads; knitted sterling-silver-wire cuffs, necklaces and earrings. The majority of work is one-of-a-kind silver and/or gold-filled and gemstone creations.

Commissions welcome.

Angla Oakley

My jewellery pieces are often regarded as unique works of art, and include pendants, brooches, cuff-links, earrings (including clip-ons). I hand-craft them from high-quality art-glass, fusing them in a kiln.

I love to experiment with techniques such as metallic inclusions, wire-wrapping and Japanese braiding.


Matthew Hall

Handmade fine jewellery using combinations of precious metals and surface finishes, often including diamonds and semi-precious stones.  Design and working methods are influenced by European styles.

Jane Russell

Jane Russell uses colour and texture in the materials used to create beautiful bold and unique wearable pieces of timeless jewellery.

Ruta Brown

Ruta Brown has specialized in the technique of reticulation. Directional heat is applied to forged, folded forms, each piece individually fabricated, in exploration of the structural limits of the metal, mainly sterling silver with 18 carat gold as added decoration. The results are a variety of intricate forms, often also incorporating stones and pearls, details evoking weathered fragments of flotsam, or other marine elements from the shoreline.

Agnieszka Maksymiuk

 Agnieszka is an award winning jewellery designer/maker with Polish origins. She creates jewellery which are small sculptures that become wearable pieces of art. The main objective is to tell a story which is hidden behind each piece. The 3D designs are hand carved with great skill from two dimensional drawings and paintings.

Hazel Rose

Winner of the Birmingham Assay Office ‘Most Commercial Design’ 2014 and runner up for Graduates in the Spotlight May 2015, Hazel is an ambitious young jeweller who is developing a distinctive style based on a fun playful theme. The silver Tradition with a Twist pendant is hinged and opens to reveal a spinning top

Francesca Marcenaro

I make unusual pieces of jewellery, mixing different techniques, looking for organic and tactile results.  Recently I started to make pieces in oxidized silver trying to find the same black/bluish colour of the ravens plumage.  Inspired by the granulation (traditional in Italy, my country) and the Art Deco (with it's opalescent glasses) as well, on the top of my pieces I use crystals as granulation: the effect is a sparkling and very tactile texture.  My pieces are all inspired by fairy tales and nature: through every piece I tell a story, giving to it a meaning.

Sharon Justice

Sharon makes individually designed silver jewellery using woven wire texture and Keum boo techniques.  She also incorporates semi precious stones.

Carolyn Francis

Carolyn designs and makes individual pieces of silver jewellery with etched and textured surfaces, oxidized to give depth and contrast.  She produces simple elegant shapes, and with her love of vibrant colours incorporates resin to create striking colourful designs.  Other works incorporates semi-precious stones and beads.


Jane Faulkner

Around thirty years ago I took a course in jewellery making and haven’t looked back since. After further training I gave up my career as a graphic designer to concentrate on jewellery design. I work predominantly in silver often with gold accents and detail.

Alison Riggott

Alison’s design background and training as a commercial artist provides a strong foundation for her work in sterling, fine silver and gold, and is intrinsic to her meticulously thought out metalwork designs. Nature’s sculptural forms and textures feature heavily in many of Alison's ranges of pendants, earrings, bangles and rings.

Katherine Webber

Katherine designs and creates jewellery working mainly with semi-precious stones and sterling silver or gold vermeil, producing a variety of styles from the subtle and delicate to the bold and dramatic.

Kate O'Connell

Kate creates Steampunk-inspired Victorian printed glass pendants to suit both men and women.

Fiona Kirby

A quirky, colourful mix of silver, copper and beaded jewellery, designed to complement your own individual style.